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About Us is the leading authority on color gemstones and the trusted gemological resource for budding enthusiasts and advanced professionals alike. Originating from a desire to create a reliable, one-stop destination for gem information and backed by industry experts with decades of experience, provides quality education and inspires individuals to explore the fascinating world of gemstones. Channel Trailer

With a multimedia approach that stimulates interest in gemstones among both experts and novice collectors, offers a vast assortment of engaging content. Featured articles, contributed by authorities from across the globe, cover topics ranging from current market trends, gemstone history and lore, chemistry, crystallography and more. Our Gemopedia™, a catalogue of over 400 gemstone species, offers a plethora of gem information such as physical, chemical and optical property details for each species, plus multiple photos, videos, and in-depth overviews. Our unique video content blends science, history and pop culture, giving you insight into how gemstones have shaped the past and continue to influence our world today.

As part of our commitment to the development and distribution of gemological content, we employ numerous Graduate Gemologists and Accredited Jewelry Professionals. Our team of expert gemologists brings first-hand knowledge of the latest market insights and trends directly to you, ensuring that everything you need to discover is right at your fingertips. is not only a hub of fascinating gemological information, it is also a tool for documenting personal gemstone collections. The Collections  feature allows collectors to organize and catalogue their private collections in great detail, including photos and many data attributes. It provides users with easy electronic access to their collection, where they can organize their personal collection or simply browse other featured collections.

Built on established relationships across the globe, has access to the most exclusive and highly sought-after gems, as well as the classic favorites everyone knows and loves. Our experienced team explores the world in pursuit of uniquely exotic and deliciously intriguing treasures, with each stone possessing a rich story to tell. Join us in this global community and unearth your own gem journey.
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