Marvel Cinematic Gemstones

Marvel Cinematic Gemstones | Soul Gem, Infinity Gauntlet and more!

The marvel universe is increasing yearly, adding new superheroes, more villains, and a widely branching storyline. Watch as gemologist and avid marvel fan Rob discusses and answers all questions about what these gemstones represent! What about the infinity stones and what they symbolize? Or the infinity gauntlet; is it technically jewelry?
Learn if the soul stone is a fire opal or a variety of amber; Rob has a theory that bugs being trapped in amber could represent the souls trapped in the soul stone. Other infinity stones represent a gemstone with metallic-like characteristics. As marvel moves into the fourth stage of the MCU, Rob discusses the upcoming movies with one that features ten rings. Does each ring have a superpower? Will each ring have its own unique gemstone? Watch this video and find out everything about marvel gemstones now!