Unboxing Aventurine Quartz, Desert Glass, Sphene + More!

Unboxing Aventurine Quartz, Desert Glass, Sphene + More!

In this episode of Gemstone Unboxing, our hosts unbox viewer suggestions that include Shattuckite, Boleite, Aventurine Quartz, Libyan Desert Glass and Sphene.

Aventurine quartz is the first stone unboxed and is a green, sparkly quartz sometimes used as a jade simulant because of its special green hue. Sphene is displayed next through wedge-shaped samples; these shapes gave Sphene its name "sfena" meaning wedge in Greek. Boleite is shown after and is an oxychloride mineral that is loosely related to salt. Boleite has a beautiful shade of indigo blue and was first discovered at the El Boleo mine in Baja California in 1891. Libyan desert glass is then unboxed and is related to silica. To form, Libyan desert glass requires temperatures of around 1600 degrees, and most scientists believe this was created from meteor activity. Lastly, shattuckite is a mineral that is closely related to malachite and plancheite materially but differs in proportions, and shattuckite is a beautiful stone with one of the best blues in nature.