Million Dollar Diamonds - Unboxing Natural Fancy Color & More!

Million Dollar Diamonds - Unboxing Natural Fancy Color & More!

Prepare yourself for brilliant sights you’ve never seen as gemologist Rebecca is joined by a returning guest: sixth-generation diamond dealer Andrew Slesinger. Witness the magic unfold as they unbox an array of dazzling diamonds, sharing their expertise, stories, and insights with a live studio audience. From fancy-colored diamonds to rough stones from outer space, this extraordinary journey into the realm of diamonds is sure to captivate and inspire.

Rebecca opens Andrew’s first box, filled with a mesmerizing collection of fancy colored diamonds. As she explores each hue, he unveils the secrets behind their colors. From structural defects giving rise to brown, pink, and red diamonds, to natural radiation creating vibrant green gems, and nitrogen imparting yellow and orange tones, Andrew reveals the fascinating science behind these exquisite natural wonders. He highlights how blue diamonds owe their allure to the presence of boron and how violet diamonds are believed to owe their hue to hydrogen. Additionally, he shares the rarity of red and pink diamonds, which have become even scarcer since the closure of Australia's Argyle mine, responsible for about 95% of these coveted gems. Then, Rebecca engages the audience in an exciting game, challenging them to help her identify an elusive $5 million diamond among the colored diamonds. The crowd eagerly participates, enhancing the electric atmosphere.

Moving on, Rebecca opens the second box, revealing an assortment of breathtaking statement diamond rings, each one a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and exquisite design. The diamonds adorning these rings exude timeless beauty and elegance, capturing the essence of luxury and sophistication. Among the treasures is a vial necklace containing diamond rough, the part of a diamond that is trimmed away during the faceting process. This piece showcases the raw beauty of these precious stones.

Intriguing the audience further, Andrew presents the third box, and Rebecca unveils a mesmerizing selection of rough diamonds and diamonds from celestial origins. He delves into the mysterious world of carbonado diamonds, believed to originate from supernovas, their polycrystalline structure distinguishing them from single-crystal diamonds found on Earth. Andrew also unveils meteor impact diamonds, tiny shards and flakes formed during meteorite collisions with our planet. Adding to the wonder, he shares that scholars theorize that the planet Mercury may be covered in diamonds due to such meteor impacts.

As the anticipation builds, Andrew presents the fourth box, containing rough diamonds in extraordinary shapes. These natural wonders came out of the ground, unaltered, resembling beloved animals such as dogs, cats, ducks, dolphins, and bears. Their uniqueness and whimsical charm make them priceless treasures. This leads to Andrew briefly discussing his children's books, one completed and another in progress, which explore these captivating animal-shaped diamonds. He shares illustrations from the upcoming book, which will also touch upon the significance of lab-grown diamonds. Andrew notes that lab-grown diamonds, in addition to allowing for gorgeous, affordable jewelry, also have great potential in the technology sector as semiconductors and spacecraft windows.

The unboxing of these extraordinary diamonds is more than just a visual spectacle; it is a journey that highlights the remarkable beauty and diversity of these precious gemstones. Rebecca and Andrew's shared passion and expertise illuminate the wonders of colored diamonds, rare specimens from space, and the raw artistry found in nature's creations. Their discussion on the significance of lab-grown diamonds paves the way for a deeper understanding of the evolving diamond landscape. This video will leave you captivated, inspired, and with a newfound appreciation for the timeless allure of diamonds in all their remarkable forms.