Introduction to Tools

Introduction to Tools

Join renowned gemologist Renata on a trip to her alma mater, the University of Arizona, as she takes viewers on an exciting journey into the world of gemology. Today, Renata will introduce two essential gemology tools—the Raman spectrometer and the loupe. After familiarizing you with these tools, she will then expertly demonstrate how the loupe can be used, by both experts and novices, to identify and appreciate the unique beauty of gemstones. With her wealth of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm, Renata offers a fascinating glimpse into the art and science of gemology. 

First, Renata will unveil the impressive Raman spectrometer, a sophisticated tool used by gemology experts to analyze the chemical composition of gemstones. She will explain how this advanced instrument utilizes laser technology. Lasers beamed in the direction of the gemstone cause the gem to vibrate, and these vibrations are measured by a computer. This provides crucial insights into the molecular structure of gemstones and enables you to identify what kind of stone you’re looking at. With its ability to identify trace elements and detect synthetic materials, the Raman spectrometer serves as an invaluable tool for gemologists in their quest for accurate gemstone analysis and authentication.

But if this process is sounding a bit over your head, don’t be intimidated! Next, Renata demonstrates another simpler way to gain some gemstone insight. She shifts her focus to the humble yet essential tool in every gemologist's arsenal—the loupe. This tool is perfect for gemology beginners who may not have the access to or expertise for operating a Raman spectrometer (very few of us do!). Renata emphasizes the significance of the loupe in gemstone identification and appreciation. Its compact size and powerful magnification make it an indispensable companion for gemologists, allowing them to examine gemstones with precision and uncover their unique characteristics, as well as identify real versus fake stones. She also highlights that through the lens of a loupe, the intricate details, variations and internal inclusions of gemstones are brought to life, enriching the overall gemstone evaluation process. 

Finally, Renata will take you through a short step-by-step guide on how to effectively use the loupe for gemstone identification. She demonstrates the proper handling of the loupe, the correct positioning to achieve optimal magnification, and how to position your eyes while gazing through the lens. Renata shares valuable insights into identifying the specific key feature of clarity while examining a possible ruby gemstone under the loupe's lens. If you’re curious about the value of a gem, you must ask yourself: does this gem have inclusions, scratches or bubbles?

As the video draws to a close, you will be left with a newfound appreciation for the Raman spectrometer and the loupe as indispensable tools in the realm of gemology. Renata's engaging presentation has provided a great overview of how gemologists employ these instruments to uncover the secrets and uniqueness of gemstones. With this newfound knowledge, you can feel confident in your knowledge and abilities if you become inspired to embark on your own exploration of the captivating world of gemology.