All About Snake Stones | Cobra Pearl, Nagamani + more!

All About Snake Stones | Cobra Pearl, Nagamani + more!

In this week's episode, we'll be taking a look at ancient and more modern stories that tie snakes and gemstones together. Learn about an old Indian tale, including a horned water snake with glittering gems and a large gemstone set in the middle of the snake's forehead. There is similarily a Cherokee legend with a snake with a diamond placed in the middle of its head which holds special powers.

There are said to be stones that can heal venomous snake bites, although the World Health Organization disagrees. It's frequent to see this stone attempted to be used as a healing gemstone. Some believe in an old legend of cobra pearls, but none are yet to be discovered. Stay tuned for a bible story possibly featuring a snake stone. Rob will further show off what these gemstones represent.