Beyond Moldavite: Weird Tektites - Australite, Georgiaite + More!

Beyond Moldavite: Weird Tektites - Australite, Georgiaite + More!

On today's episode - get the facts about more strange natural glass with extraterrestrial origins. Gemologist Rebecca explains how these rarities formed and explores three unique varieties of Tektites. Plus, learn how NASA used these unique formations to fuel the space race.

Moldavite is a green to brownish-green silica-rich tektite that can only be found in one region globally. First discovered in the late 1700s, moldavite is believed to have originated from the Ries crater in Bavaria, Germany, which was 14.6 million years ago. This Ries crater impact is 15 miles long, and moldavite can be found anywhere from 150 to 280 miles from the crater's impact. Moldavite's colors change based on the strewn fields they were found.

Moldavite can be worn in jewelry or left in its uncut form. Since moldavite is only mined in one region and is derived from a single meteor, it is a rare and valuable gemstone. Tektites are unique because of how they form from a meteorite impact where rock and sand are launched in the air from the impact and return to Earth's surface as natural glass.